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Holland & Barrett – Pure Vitamin C Powder

High quality, effective and easy to take, this Vitamin C Powder is a great alternative to tablets

Ready to see what vitamin C can do for you? Choose convenience with Holland & Barrett Pure Vitamin C Powder! This high-quality powder contains 2500mg of Vitamin C per 1/2 a teaspoon, dissolves quickly in water and acts fast in the body.

What is vitamin C and what does it do?
Vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid, helps to keep us feeling mentally and physically well by supporting the body in multiple processes. You can find it in fresh fruit and vegetables like peppers, citrus fruits, tomatoes, berries, potatoes (especially new potatoes) and leafy greens.

Vitamin C needs to be consumed every day as it is water soluble, and any excess will leave the body instead of being stored.

What are the benefits of vitamin C powder?
If you don’t like or can’t take tablets, Vitamin C powder is a perfect alternative. Vitamin C in any form can provide the following benefits:
Reduces tiredness and fatigue: vitamin C supports metabolic function – helping our bodies convert food and drinks into energy
Supports psychological function: vitamin C supports healthy psychological performance
Helps iron absorption: our bodies need vitamin C to absorb iron – one of the most important minerals for good health
Aids collagen production: vitamin C is essential for making collagen – the main component of out hair, bones, skin, ligaments, nails, joints and blood vessels
Supports the immune system: vitamin C can help increase our immunity

See what vitamin C can do for you today!
Pure Vitamin C powder for immune system support
Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system, reduction of tiredness & fatigue, and more
Fast dissolving powder – ideal alternative to capsules or tablets

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