Spirulina algae and its many advantages

Algae: an particularly effective and enormously undervalued food stuff in the western diet regime.
It is genuine, algae can at times be bothersome for our seaside baths, even so, from the dietary issue of watch they depict a heritage that the sea offers us: loaded in iodine, potassium (which balances sodium) and selenium, algae lead to protecting thyroid operate.
They are also extremely abundant in nutritive phytocompounds with much more various properties (dependent on the species).
In this write-up, we will concentration on spirulina, an alga with different nutritional qualities. We will see the gains, the compounds and attempt to determine out how to place them into our food items approach.

What is the spirulina?

Spirulina is normally offered as a dry dietary supplement, in powder, acquired from dried spirulina algae. It maintains all its homes (the drying course of action in this is particularly valuable and safe): it includes primarily proteins (up to 60%) with an great amino acid profile.
A thread poorer than methionine and lysine, in contrast to other animal sources these as meat, eggs and dairy items, but often a quite good profile. It also consists of ALA, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (though the lipid material is modest) and is wealthy in natural vitamins and minerals, it is normally employed as a supply of vitamin B12 for people today who abide by vegan diet programs.

Rewards of spirulina

As claimed, the rewards of Spirulina are diverse. It will allow mainly to decrease triglyceride concentrations in the blood, which we know to be a danger condition, when in excess, for our cardiovascular overall health.
Normally on the blood lipid profile, it lessens the total cholesterol but raises the “very good” one particular, the HDL. It thus considerably lessens LDL cholesterol.
We usually stay in the “cardiovascular well being” condition and we see that spirulina will allow a reduction of blood pressure. This is specially essential for people today with superior blood strain.
We then see a lower in blood sugar, therefore, improved regulate of carbs in the blood and most likely an advancement in insulin sensitivity, a further threat factor for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.
It has also been revealed to enhance the symptomatology of allergic situations likely to minimize the adverse reaction of our body to certain features. This is specifically when the allergic response is recognized in nasal congestion. Further examination in literature is appealing but the compound would seem to be very promising from this point of perspective.
We have a lessen in lipid peroxidation, inflammatory procedures and oxidative worry. Spirulina behaves as a ideal and particularly attention-grabbing antioxidant.
To conclude, but here the literature is not agreed and the evidence is incredibly couple of, it looks to improve liver parameters (transaminase, bilirubin) and intervene on problems these as fatty liver and slight liver lesions, not however pathological.

How to use it

Spirulina is, consequently, an extraordinarily vital dietary supplement, but how can we get it?
Ordinarily, it is marketed as a nutritional supplement and its consumption ranges from 1 gr to 8 gr according to the function. Our advice is to begin with a minimum amount dose of 1 gr, then go to 2 gr, and then increase the each day doses up to 3-4.


Spirulina is certainly an attention-grabbing alga but it is not the only one particular with helpful attributes. Many other algae can also be taken into our diet to enrich our meals and our food plan.
In the future two articles, we will analyze especially two other people. I foresee very little apart from that it will be intense