Yamamoto Nutrition – Recumid, Tropical – 500g

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1 review for Yamamoto Nutrition – Recumid, Tropical – 500g

  1. Jlush (verified owner)

    always love the Yamamoto Double Tail Hula Grub bait!

  2. Todd (verified owner)

    I love these jigs! I have fished them every which way but mostly with an open jig head hook (either silver or black). Usually, I just use a straight retrieve. Sometimes fast where the tails agitate the surface or slow and deep. Even fish them weedless with #4 or #5 worm hook and no other weighs. When fishing them weedless, I’ll just skim them across the lily pads and let them settle every know and then between the pads. If there is a bass below the pads they take them nearly every time. One gripe is they are very soft and after a few fish they’re shredded up pretty good. Also pan fish will nip off the tails, but even with one full tail and one nubby tail they still catch fish. It could be the softness that makes them so good. Not saying what my favorite color combo is because my go to color always seems to be out of stock or on back order.

  3. AK (verified owner)

    I like the style, got them for my boyfriend for Father’s day… disappointed that they don’t come in multiple colors as pictured. I know it says the color on the listing but I thought it was the flake since all the pictures showed multiple colors. And they have another listing with the same thing just showing the one color. He is just getting back into fishing so I know he will love them. This is his new favorite brand. Maybe ill post some pics when he puts them to use and do another review.

  4. El Caballero (verified owner)

    Great movement under water. A few from the batch I got kinda broke apart a little too easy. Overall, it’s a pretty good bait that gets fish.

  5. Goose (verified owner)

    Have you ever really bass fished if you haven’t used Gary Yamamoto soft baits. They are my go to baits and they catch fish

  6. jared (verified owner)

    Use these all the time for small mouth in the creeks.. I always slay them.. I buy 5 or 6 packs a year

  7. N. Pegman (verified owner)

    These things are irresistible to largemouth. Been fishing them for years. Something about their action seems to bring out the lunkers.

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