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Introducing Whey-Wafer,‍ Chocolate – 12‌ x 35g

Looking for a delicious and convenient ⁣way ⁣to boost ‍your protein ⁢intake? Look no further than⁢ Whey-Wafer, Chocolate – 12 x 35g from ⁣Weider. Made in Germany,⁣ this high-quality supplement is perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and ⁢anyone⁣ looking to support their training and recovery.

Powerful​ Protein Punch

Each⁣ serving of Whey-Wafer contains 10‍ grams of high-quality whey protein, providing your body with the essential amino acids it needs to build and ⁤repair muscle tissue. This makes it‌ an ideal​ supplement for pre- and ⁣post-workout, as well as for those looking to increase ​their daily protein intake.

Delicious Chocolate ⁤Flavor

Not only is Whey-Wafer packed with protein, but⁣ it also tastes ‍great! The rich chocolate flavor makes it a satisfying and indulgent treat, perfect for satisfying cravings while ⁣still supporting your fitness goals.

Convenient and ‍Portable

Each box of Whey-Wafer contains 12 individually wrapped wafers, making it ⁣easy to ‍take with you on the ‌go.⁣ Whether you’re heading​ to‍ the gym, ‌going for a⁣ hike, or just need a quick protein boost at work, Whey-Wafer has got you covered.

Quality Ingredients

At Weider, we believe in using only the ⁢best ⁣ingredients in our ​products. That’s why Whey-Wafer is made with⁢ high-quality whey protein, sourced ⁣from grass-fed ‌cows ‍and free from artificial colors, flavors, ‌and sweeteners.

Support Your Training and Recovery

Protein is essential for ⁣muscle growth‌ and repair, making Whey-Wafer an important supplement for anyone‍ looking to improve their ⁢athletic performance. It ‍can also help with weight management⁤ by keeping you feeling full and satisfied, reducing cravings‍ for unhealthy ⁢snacks.

Easy to Use

Whey-Wafer is ‍incredibly easy to incorporate into your ⁤daily routine. ⁣Simply enjoy one wafer as a snack ⁣or⁢ with ‌a meal to​ boost your protein intake. ⁤It’s⁤ also a great ‍addition to⁢ smoothies, yogurt, and other recipes for a protein-packed ⁣treat.

Get Your Whey-Wafer Today

Don’t miss out on⁣ the delicious and convenient protein ​boost of⁤ Whey-Wafer,⁤ Chocolate – 12 x 35g from Weider. Order now and take your training and recovery to the next level!

Product Details

Brand Weider
Country of ‌Origin Germany
Flavor Chocolate
Serving Size 1 ‌wafer (35g)
Servings Per ⁣Container 12
Protein per Serving 10g
Ingredients Whey protein concentrate, milk chocolate coating ‍(sugar, cocoa‍ butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, ⁣emulsifier: soy⁣ lecithin, natural⁤ vanilla ⁤flavor), palm oil,‌ wheat flour, sugar, whey protein isolate, skimmed ⁢milk ⁣powder, emulsifier: soy⁣ lecithin, raising‍ agent: sodium bicarbonate, salt, natural‍ flavoring.


  1. Contains ​milk, soy, and wheat. May contain ⁢traces of nuts and ⁢eggs.
  2. Store​ in a cool, dry place.
  3. Do not use as a⁢ sole source of nutrition.
  4. Consult a healthcare ⁢professional before use if pregnant, nursing, ‍or taking any ‌medications.
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Weider - Whey-Wafer
Whey-Wafer, Chocolate – 12 x 35g

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