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Powder with instant coffee for the production of a protein-rich and caffeinated drink.
Great for morning or right before a workout, thanks to the combination of protein + Caffeine.
With genuine instant coffee for best coffee flavor.
Per serving provides the Weider Whey Coffee 22g whey protein, 80mg caffeine, vitamins + minerals.
Sharp taste and solubility in milk or water.

10 reviews for Weider – Whey Coffee Deluxe – 908g

  1. DougJustDoug (verified owner)

    Great value; I can’t find it cheaper locally. Tastes excellent for what it is, YMMV of course. They’ve changed the packaging since I bought this last, and now it comes in plastic bottles that are sealed like a time capsule, and arrives in a bullet-proof box, so chances of spillage is about zero. However, I’m knocking off a star for Presentation and Overall because opening the bottles is very annoyingly fussy, often requiring a knife. I think the plastic overlay on the cap is totally unnecessary.

  2. Danielle (verified owner)

    When I first got this everything seemed fine. I started drinking it and was almost finished with it when I drank some weird rubbery stringy thing. There were multiple stringy things inside the drink. I usually really like these drinks, but his was very disturbing and disappointing.

  3. Shawn (verified owner)

    The whole point we buy these very expensive little drinks is for convenience. We are all busy. It is tremendously convenient to simply open a bottle and drink something to refuel quickly.

    I say all this to emphasize the core competitive advantage that Soylent needs to remind itself it strives for. Equally as important as the drink is the packaging and convenience.

    This morning I drank half my shake and packed the rest in my briefcase with a few scrubs and my computer. When I arrived at work the bottle had exploded over all my belongings.

    “You shouldn’t have trusted the bottle.” In retrospect, I agree..but also-why the hell not? That is literally the point of buying these resealable bottles. I can make a nutritious smoothie with about $0.20 of ingredients but I pay $3 a pop so I can sip on these throughout the day.

    The company decided to cheap out on their bottle packaging to pinch pennies and we as consumers suffer. No one thinks twice about popping a water bottle or Gatorade into their gym bag. This costs 3x as much and is made of joke material.

    I’d advise against this brand until they learn how to make a competitive product. For the record I’ve tried several other protein drink brands and have never had an issue with a bottle exploding. Good luck to all and I hope you don’t need to waste a day replacing a laptop like I did.

  4. Jacobi331 (verified owner)

    I was looking for a protein drink, one that didn’t contain alot of sugar or carbs and that I didn’t have to mix with anything. I tried a few but Premier Protein tasted the best and had the highest number of protein gr available. I had broken my ankle and couldn’t stand up long enough to fix any meals so I drank two of these each day, leaving only one meal and snacks to fix. I was already 80 lbs overweight and was worried that lack of exercise or even being able to get up and walk around would cause me to gain more weight. However, imagine my surprise when I actually lost 44 lbs! These kept me feeling full and nourished. I wasn’t hungry, dizzy or feeling deprived. I feel so fortunate to have found PP!

  5. T. S. Lunquist (verified owner)

    This product, in the grocery store (and previously on Muscle Supplements) comes in aseptic box containers (like a juice box). These bottles contain slightly more product but the same number of calories (watered down, I’m pretty sure), and OMG SO MUCH PLASTIC!!! they have a plastic wrapper over the lid AND a seal on the inside of the lid, plus a plastic wrap over the flat of bottles, the plastic bottle and the plastic bottle cap. Good lord, people. Is this really the best you can do? No complaints about the supplier or Muscle Supplements — this is about Premier Protein and their packaging choices. Completely unnecessary waste. I won’t buy it on Muscle Supplements anymore – just get it at Publix where 4-packs of aseptic boxes in a cardboard overwrap help me feel like I’m not singlehandedly punching a hole in the ozone layer every morning at breakfast.

  6. VickyNC (verified owner)

    Had been having difficulty finding 30g protein drinks in my local grocery stores. Decided to try this brand since it had won taste tests for three years in a row in the last couple of years and I also liked that I could order it from Muscle Supplements.com and get it shipped to my door free of charge. I bought the chocolate flavor to compare against the flavor of Boost Rich Chocolate protein drinks and my 92 year old relative recovering from hip replacement surgery likes the taste. He is also interested in trying the other flavors of this brand’s 30g protein shakes so I plan to order a variety pack next time. I highly recommend for people looking for a good-tasting high protein drink to supplement a well-balanced diet or when someone needs extra protein, has decreased appetite or is not eating well due to age or illness. I recommend this brand of protein supplement for families or care givers.

  7. Dave (verified owner)

    After trying this for the first time recently, I’m not much of a fan. The chocolate is chalky and doesn’t taste at all like chocolate. The vanilla is awful, and I would never purchase that flavor again. The caramel has good flavor, but is super sweet. I also question the amount of sugar alcohol. Why isn’t it specified on the label, as all protein bars do? I’ve contacted the company twice, but cannot get an answer to that question. I suspect the amount is quite high because of the sweetness. Sugar alcohol is okay in small quantities, but in larger quantities it causes gas issues and digestion problems, primarily because our digestive system cannot break them down. And can they make the bottles any more difficult to open??

    I do like that they have 30 grams of protein, and that it is not soy protein. If I can get an answer to the amount of sugar alcohol, and if it is an acceptable amount (i.e. no more than 8 grams), and if I can find a flavor I like, then I will continue to give them a chance, otherwise I’ll try other brands.

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