Weider – Mega Mass 4000, Strawberry – 3000g

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Mega Mass 4000

New Ultra Concentrated Formula
800 calories (per 2 servings)
Added Creatine
Better Taste
Clean Formula

1 review for Weider – Mega Mass 4000, Strawberry – 3000g

  1. Chelsea (verified owner)

    I’m a big fan of other name brand epsom soaking salts. But those can get pricey. This stuff has been great. I almost prefer the plain better because I can add my own essential oils to the bath water, so I can have some variety. I like a different name brand because of the texture of the salts. These salts seemed to be a little more coarse. But they do the trick.

  2. S. A. (verified owner)

    For a buck a pound, this is a decent deal. (You can usually grab a 16 oz. bag of an off brand at a dollar tree.) If you’re using this as a soak, the 8 lb bag is the way to go. I initially bought this as per my doctors orders to soak an ingrown toenail. (I feel like I’m channeling my grandparents leaving this review lol) It really provided relief to my poor toenail but I’ve went on to use it for a myriad of other things and just ordered my 2nd bag. It’s safe for sensitive skin and is unscented. Yes, the seal needs work. It was hard to open and even harder to reseal. Ultimately, I couldn’t reseal the bag and dumped it into mason jars. I’m not mad af that. It’s easier to manage in jars than a giant bag. It is great for sore muscles, strains, & sprains. I recently used it as a solution for constipation. So there’s that. Will continue to buy again.

  3. kel858 (verified owner)

    Still not cheap, but I don’t see why Epsom Salt is so expensive these days. I prefer getting 3 of these 8 lb. bags because I don’t have to lift anything heavy and keep one by the tub at a time. It saves space. Most of the other bags are 20-25 lbs or so. This is still cheaper that other salts out there, and it does the job. Being that you need 3 cups per bath, this stuff goes quickly. I use it regularly to detox. I will continue to repurchase the Muscle Supplements brand.

  4. george fuentes (verified owner)

    This “unscented” epsom salt is actually lightly scented with lavender or eucalyptus (difficult to discern exactly what the scent is.) I went ahead and used it anyway to bathe in, but out of concern of other people’s health especially since some take this internally, this product should be properly labeled. I’d definitely return it if I had a sensitivity to scent.

    I thought it important to leave a review here since almost all the other 1 star reviews had the same issue. I read another reviewer’s comment about hair fallout, and it helped me put two and two together: I noticed that I’ve had a WAY more than normal hair shedding since beginning use of this product, where I’ve never had this issue before. I get the normal summer shedding but it’s to the point where I’ll run my hands through my hair and at least 5-7 strands come out each time. I’ve never experienced this before in my entire life.

    Definitely going to look for another brand of unscented epsom salt option elsewhere.

  5. Toyz etc (verified owner)

    Just using it as a weed killer. One gallon vinegar – 1/4 cup blue Dawn dish washing soar – 2 cups Epsom salts

  6. Lindsay (verified owner)

    This is great Epson salt at a great price! I use it for detox baths for myself and my children when we have an onset of a cold. It stops the cold right in its tracks! Sniffles are significantly better or completely gone the next day! My son said his throat hurt and I gave him a detox bath using this Epson salt, and he never complained of his throat hurting again and didn’t develop a runny nose at all! For kids (under 60 lbs), add 1/2 c. Epson salt, 1/4 c. baking soda, and 1-2 T. ginger (yes, ginger from your baking cabinet) to your bath water and soak in the water for at least 20 minutes. For kids 61-100 lbs, increase Epson salt to 1 c., baking soda to 1/2 c., and 1-2 T. ginger. For kids over 100 lbs and for adults, use 2 c. Epson salt, 1 c. baking soda, and 2 T. ginger. The hotter the water, the better. You will feel so much better the next day!

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