Weider – Fruity Isolate, Red Fruits – 908g

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Weider Fruit Overload has been developed to be mixed with water. As milk can bloat the skin up in the definition phase, many bodybuilders mix their shakes with water. It’s possible to mix protein with water but the taste isn’t the best.
The fruity taste of Fruit Overload leads the muscles to become overloaded with protein. When dieting, it’s important to flood the muscles with amino acids, otherwise you could lose muscle mass. The whey protein isolate is split into amino acids quickly and can therefore flood into the muscles almost immediately.

10 reviews for Weider – Fruity Isolate, Red Fruits – 908g

  1. Dzilizi (verified owner)

    Bought these as subscribe and save Normally I love these things. But half of the packs are just bad. I don’t have this problem when I get them from the store. These are not expired, but they taste it. They have a powdery coat, are hard, and taste funny. Some are okay and some are what I was expecting. I’m finding myself tossing at least half. This isn’t saving me any money. Very disappointing.

  2. Marc Kalberg (verified owner)

    Possibly the most addictive substance man has ever produced. As far as I’m concerned it’s impossible to eat just one pouch. However I can tell you from personal experience that eating 10+ bags in one sitting is not easy on your stomach or your general health. These are marketed as ‘healthy’ for you as you can tell by the front of the box that has many flashy colors that draw the eye and purports to use ‘real fruit’ and are just chock full of vitamins. A glance at the back of the box however will reveal the two main ingredient as fruit juice and sugar. Many MANY types of sugar. As long as you know these not fruit ‘snacks’ and instead should be treated as fruit ‘candy’ then purchase away.

  3. Lilly (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the delivery of this order…
    Not only was the delivery fast , it was delivered as asked to be ( Not Seen From The Street) …
    Which is much appreciated by me…

    As for the product itself, it’s a small snack for throughout the day that’s juicy & portioned well…
    I would definitely recommend this product to Mom’s that have children as a healthy mid day snack …

  4. Richard Boyer Sr (verified owner)

    I found these to be perfect for so many reasons. 1st I found these to be so helpful when I quit smoking and second my Grandson loves them. I found this 40 pack box and then later saw that they had other varieties as well. The Berries and Cherries are perfect also, we like to blend them and do so every month. Being able to have them sent at a specified date each month is wonderful. But you can have them shipped anytime you want them, just subscribe and save. I highly recommend these and the Berries and Cherries as well,

  5. mystrocs (verified owner)

    I used to buy these from work every day. THIS DOES NOT TASTE THE SAME. At all.

    They’re either really old or expired or fake..

  6. Andrewbean90 (verified owner)

    The fruit snacks arrived not in the retail box nor in a Welch’s box. They were unsealed from their original packaging. There is no expiration date listed what so ever, and you only get a few hard gummy fruit snacks per bag. Not enough to equal the 2.25oz listed on the bag. They’re clearly expired.

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