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Trec Nutrition – TriBulon Black

Extra Strong Stimulator!

– Extra powerful pro- formula
– Enhances libido and improves training effects
– Highest saponin concentration

TRIBULON BLACK is a professional pro- formula containing ultra-concentrated Tribulus extract, standardised at the record level – 95% of bioactive saponins. TRIBULON BLACK provides natural plant steroids which help produce and secrete endogenous – the hormone regulating anabolic processes in the human body and sexual drive. The components help build muscle mass, burn body fat and contribute to greater post-training regeneration in sportsmen and physically active people.

Ever wondered why some people find building muscle mass easy, while others have to fight for each extra bit of muscle? Of course the availability of building materials and intensive training are very important, but muscle growth is mainly regulated by hormones. Hormones are regulatory substances with the greatest effect on the intensity of anabolic processes synthesising proteins essential for building muscle mass. The most important of these is , which does more than just affect the main male characteristics. It is responsible for the synthesis of new proteins, essential during muscle regeneration and growth. transmits a specific metabolic signal to cells; it is an order to continue exercise adaptation and regeneration following intensive training. TRIBULON BLACK is a high quality formula which naturally improves production. It contains record-breaking levels of exceptionally active, natural plant steroids. They are extracted from Tribulus terrestris, a herb which has been used for its aphrodisiac and tonifying properties for centuries. TRIBULON BLACK is an ultra-concentrated pro- formula, based on concentrated Tribulus extract containing as much as 95% steroid saponins.


In order to understand the effects of on the body, we must first find out how it is produced. Leydig cells in the testes are stimulated by luteinising hormone (LH) to produce 6-7 mg of this powerful androgenic hormone every day. Similarly to other hormones, is transported in the bloodstream in its inactive form – as a complex with SHGB transport protein. Approximately 7% is reduced to 5-alpha-dihydro (DHT), which is almost 5 times more powerful. A small proportion of the male hormone (approx. 0.3%) is converted by the enzyme aromatase to oestradiol. However, this is not good for the development of a muscular figure. In contrast to and DHT, which are responsible for regulating male characteristics, oestradiol has the opposite effect: it stimulates the development of feminine features. This is why some men have a greater tendency to accumulate water and store fat tissue, especially around the nipples, hips, thighs and buttocks. In contrast to growth hormone, -specific receptors are not found on the cell surface, but rather in the nucleus and cytoplasm. When the hormone binds to its receptor, it leads to the activation of DNA sequences and initiates the transcription process which starts protein biosynthesis. produces a direct anabolic effect in muscles, resulting in the growth of pure muscle mass.


There are many factors which can disturb the natural production and secretion of the hormone. In most men, levels peak at around 25 years of age, and start to drop off soon afterwards. This effect can be magnified by stress, alcohol, smoking, poor diet containing high levels of saturated fatty acids and simple sugars, and low physical activity. Reduced levels are not only reflected in your sexual performance, but they also disturb natural hormone balance. This lowers the rate of metabolism, changing the proportions of body components. This makes it increasingly difficult to maintain a shapely and muscular figure. Fortunately there are a few simple ways of increasing your body’s production. Leading a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep and keeping active, combined with a sensible diet, will help you optimise your hormone balance. There are also many valuable ingredients in food, which when isolated and taken at sufficiently high levels have a direct impact on the speed of synthesis and degree of secretion of .


Nutrition has a major impact on the production of endogenous , its secretion and period of activity in the body. You should eat regularly, and under no circumstances eliminate fat from the diet, since fatty compounds (such as cholesterol) are the basis for production. Unsaturated fatty acids are the healthiest option. Levels of certain key minerals – zinc, selenium and magnesium – are also extremely important. All these components are essential in the process of production in the testes, as well as limiting its biological deactivation. Research is ongoing into the effect of natural plant extracts on levels. Many plants traditionally used as aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers are being analysed. Researchers are trying to discover precisely which chemical compounds have a positive effect on male hormone balance. This involves isolating thousands of components from numerous plant species. It was shown out that it is not a single compound but rather an entire group that has a positive effect on production: steroid saponins. The chemical backbone of their molecules is very similar to that of . This means the body is able to use steroid saponins as a basis for the production of its own steroid hormones, including . The plant of particular interest to researchers is Tribulus terrestris. Plant steroids within it can help enhance the activity of LH, which controls production in the testes. They are an essential building material for the synthesis of endogenous , as well as stimulating its secretion and helping optimise its levels in the body. The main steroid saponins in Tribulus are tribulosin, protodioscin, terrestroside, tribuloside, terrestrosin A-E and terrestrosin F-K. Although the substances affect the hormone balance, they only act at optimal levels of defined by physiological value. They allow you to maximise your natural anabolic potential without reaching for illegal supplements. TRIBULON BLACK contains Tribulus terrestris extract with a uniquely high concentration of steroidal saponins. The formula is standardised to 95% content of these active analogues. This is extremely important, since in contrast to other products on the market, TRIBULON EXTRACT contains concentrated active Tribulus compounds, rather than the less effective dried herb. Steroid saponin content in the product is constantly monitored to maximise the pro- potential from the very first dose.


TRIBULON BLACK is recommended as a dietary supplement of concentrated steroid saponins. They are precursors used in the biosynthesis of endogenic . The formula optimises anabolic processes, stimulating the accumulation of fat-free muscles in athletes, and accelerating the burning of subcutaneous fat. It also works exceptionally well in people whose lifestyle or age makes them aware of the first signs of hormone imbalance, such as lowered sexual performance or reduced vitality.

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