Swanson – Taurine, 500mg – 100 caps

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An A-list amino for anyone who exercises! Swanson Taurine performs many vital functions in the body, but its role in maintaining electrolyte balance makes it particularly important for athletes or anyone who participates regularly in strenuous physical activity.


  1. av8r567 (verified owner)

    I am a strict vegetarian and I don’t get enough Taurine because it is found mostly in meat and fish.

  2. Turtles all the Way Down (verified owner)

    2 pills of this gives you the average dose of taurine(an amino acid) in given energy drinks. Average energy drink goes for $2, a bottle of 100 caps of this goes for $3, much better deal in pill form IMO

    The only downfall to purchasing Swanson products here is the shipping. But even with the shipping, if you purchase even just a couple of items, its still cheaper than other brands even with the shipping. Though I would suggest purchasing from their site because they often have sales like buy one get one free etc that wouldnt apply here

  3. Nards (verified owner)

    Got these for my 80 year old granddad and he is like a new born again. This is a miracle worker

  4. Tamra Shupe (verified owner)


  5. jeanet bergbigler (verified owner)

    These have helped my son with his neuro issues and his eyes and helped my friends dog with her eye sight as well

  6. rod smith (verified owner)

    What an excellent product always will buy.

  7. RICK SCOTT (verified owner)

    SWANSON CREATES BEST QUALITY Supplements. That’s a FACT independenltly studied. All are Very effective!

  8. geo (verified owner)

    I use this for my bull terrier that has a heart deficiency. I can trust that the supplement is pure.

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