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RUSH V4 is formulated to be the most extreme and effective pre-workout product on the market today. The development process is never-ending. A lot of research is being conducted on performance-increasing extracts and the best combinations of ingredients that increase energy, strength and focus to the max. RUSH V4 is the result of this continuous search. RUSH V4 is built on solid science, years of study and decades of professional experience. It’s a complete reformulation of our successful RUSH Enraged formula.
Next-generation formula with 21 key ingredients!
RUSH V4 not only brings you the most powerful key ingredients, but also gives you the perfect combination in the right doses. RUSH V4 contains a total of 21 ingredients, including a never-before-seen combination of citrulline, quercetin and betaine. The innovative RUSH V4 composition ensures that you can get the best out of yourself at every physical level. No other pre-workout supplement is so complete and has been so accurately combined as RUSH V4.
RUSH V4 offers you:
21 effective ingredients in one scoop.
Incredible long-lasting energy and focus.
Extreme pumps.
Effective doses of scientifically proven ingredients.
A pre-workout in 6 delicious fruit flavours.
A top-quality product that is free of fillers.



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