No Whey Vegan Protein, Vanilla Creme Caramel – 600g


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Xplosive‍ Ape -⁣ No Whey Vegan ⁤Protein, Vanilla Creme Caramel – 600g

Looking ⁤for⁣ a delicious and nutritious plant-based‍ protein option? Look⁣ no further​ than Xplosive Ape’s No Whey Vegan‌ Protein in Vanilla Creme ​Caramel flavor. This‌ 600g tub is packed with​ high-quality ingredients to support your training and ‍supplement your⁢ diet.


  • 21g of​ protein ⁢per ​serving
  • Low in sugar and fat
  • Suitable for Vegan,‍ Halal, and Kosher diets
  • Contains organic⁣ plant-based extras
  • Available in Vanilla Creme Caramel flavor


Our No Whey Vegan Protein⁣ is made with a fine blend of ​Pea Isolate and ⁣Hemp Protein, providing a⁢ complete amino⁤ acid profile. We’ve also added the following organic plant-based extras:

  • Kombucha Tea ⁢Powder – rich in probiotics to support a healthy digestive system
  • Lions Mane Mushroom -‍ protects the digestive​ tract ⁤and promotes brain cell growth ‍for mental health
  • Coconut Water Powder – replenishes and aids in recovery
  • MCT Powder – derived from Coconut, helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol‌ levels


Our⁤ No Whey⁢ Vegan Protein offers a variety of ‍benefits​ to support your training and overall health:

  1. Provides 21g of high-quality protein per serving to support ⁤muscle growth ​and repair
  2. Low in sugar ‍and fat, making it a healthier ⁣option⁣ for your diet
  3. Suitable for Vegan, ⁣Halal, and Kosher‍ diets,⁣ accommodating a variety of dietary restrictions
  4. Contains​ organic plant-based extras for added nutritional value and health benefits
  5. Available in ‌a delicious Vanilla Creme Caramel flavor for a ⁤tasty post-workout treat


Our No‍ Whey Vegan ‍Protein ‍is more than just a​ protein supplement – it’s a comprehensive and natural food​ supplement. Here‌ are some of its key features:

  • Contains ‍fermented Kombucha Tea, ‌a‍ rich source of probiotics for a healthy digestive ​system
  • Includes Lions Mane Mushroom, an adaptogen micro-nutrient that supports digestive health ‍and mental​ well-being
  • Coconut Water Powder and MCT Powder provide natural replenishing and recovery​ benefits
  • Organic and natural ingredients ‌for a clean and healthy⁣ supplement option
  • 600g tub provides ⁢a ‍generous amount of servings for long-term use

Choose Xplosive Ape’s No Whey Vegan Protein in Vanilla Creme Caramel flavor for‌ a delicious and nutritious plant-based​ protein ⁢option. With ​its high-quality ingredients,​ added organic plant-based extras, and numerous benefits and features, it’s⁣ the perfect​ supplement to ⁤support your training and overall health.⁢ Order yours ⁤today and experience the⁤ power of plant-based protein!



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Xplosive Ape - No Whey Vegan Protein
No Whey Vegan Protein, Vanilla Creme Caramel – 600g

Out of stock