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Amino Decanate


– Full Spectrum Muscle Building Amino Acid Complex
– 5g Anabolic 10:1:1 BCAA Ratio
– 5g Pharmaceutical Quality Glutamine
– 500mg Critical Core Amino Acid Matrix

MuscleMeds revolutionary AMINO DECANATE formula is shaking up the way bodybuilders view amino acids. A three-year research project by the MuscleMeds Research and Product Development Team has uncovered the 19 critical aminos needed to support high intensity workouts and trigger maximum anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. As if that wasn’t enough, to magnify the effects of these highly anabolic 19 amino acids critical to create greater muscle building effects, MuscleMeds added their EXCLUSIVE Pharmaceutical DecaDrive Delivery. So get ready to experience the seismic earth-shattering effects of AMINO DECANATE!

AMINO DECANATE: MuscleMeds newest scientifically advanced amino acid formula is designed to trigger maximum anabolic effects and prevent rate limiting amino acid deficiencies and catabolism often experienced during intense workouts. New research shows that while BCAAs and glutamine are the major players in muscle growth, 15 other amino acids known as Critical Core Amino Acids (CCAAs) also play a critical role. In fact, once you are depleted of any of these aminos your muscle growth and performance comes to a screeching halt. This phenomenon is known as the “Rate Limiting Amino Acid Factor.” Each serving of AMINO DECANATE provides all 19 critical amino acids for peak muscle building, maximum performance and optimal recovery. To enhance the bio-availability and potency of this already highly anabolic formula, AMINO DECANATE features MuscleMeds exclusive DecaDrive Delivery Technology!


The Citric Acid Cycle is the body’s most critical energy producing biochemical cycle that takes place inside of the mitochondria of cells. When you work out, this effort increases the demand for cellular energy production that is needed to produce muscle contractions and support a variety of cellular functions. During physical activity, the Citric Acid Cycle accelerates to produce the extra energy your muscles and body need for performance. In turn, this places a supply demand on the 19 critical amino acids involved in driving the Citric Acid Cycle. So during workouts, deficiencies in any of these critical amino acids could have a direct negative impact on performance, and even muscle growth. Amino Decanate is precisely formulated to contain all 19 critical amino acids needed to fuel and ensure optimal performance and maximum muscle building.


  1. Amanda Grey (verified owner)

    Drank A LOT of this stuff before someone mentioned to me it was too sweet. Never thought about it before, so I checked out the label and was shocked. This company has been cheating EVERYBODY! Look at the ingredients label right now, the picture, read it! “Natural Flavors” is not freaking organic or healthy or RIGHT! Why does it even need, natural flavoring??? Aren’t the ingredients they are using quality and healthy??? Shouldn’t they actually taste good as is and not need a chemically produced Sugar Additive called Erythritol ” Erythritol is produced industrially beginning with enzymatic hydrolysis of the starch from corn to generate glucose. Glucose is then fermented with yeast or another fungus to produce erythritol.” YUCK!!!!! Never buying this Science Experiment again.

  2. TammyK777 (verified owner)

    I looked for contact information before writing this review, in hopes of sending my distaste for this product directly to the seller, but alas I could not. So, here’s my review – I’ve been drinking protein shakes for years and wanted to switch to something without any fake sugars and possibly organic. I just drank my first shake with this product and literally gagged. It is gritty and the taste is nasty. I’ve had other products from Orgain and like them, but this – not so much. I cannot recommend this product.

  3. Forest King (verified owner)

    I have been buying this for a couple of years now. An amazing product for so many reasons; taste, ease of mixing, and plant based. I go through 1-2 per month.

    I have one little gripe that won’t cost it a star… but the containers are 1/2 full? I know manufacturers are trying to cut costs by shrinking the amounts purchased, but when you get a fairly robust plastic container that’s only 1/2 full… it’s getting ridiculous. It’s a waste of plastic and turns an otherwise wonderful product into a scam. Come on Orgain, you are better than that.

  4. AllisonRN (verified owner)

    I ordered the creamy chocolate and started replacing 1-2 meals a day with it. I can’t compare this with any other protein shake mix because this is the first powdered protein mix I’ve bought. However, I can tell you that the taste is great. It can be a little chalky at first, but after learning how to blend it right with Nutra Ninja bullet, there is not really any chalkiness or grit to it especially if you add a banana and a handful of ice to it. I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk as the base. The best part is I’m not hungry for about 4.5 hours which was my goal. I’ll be ordering more.

  5. MC88 (verified owner)

    I’ll preface this by stating that I try to never review a product until I’ve been using it for at least two+ weeks. So after two weeks and going to the gym 6 out of 7 days a week, here’s an honest opinion…

    – Ridiculously easy to mix — could just mix it with my eyes.
    – Stevia over other synthetic sweetners/sugars (some may find Stevia disgusting, for me, I find the taste decent enough to put over my cereal)
    – No stomach issues to report (I’m severely lactose intolerant and have several other food allergies that have put me in the ER)
    – Priced fairly well for what it offers compared to other competitors

    – Taste — SUPER chalky — probably one of the worst tasting powders I’ve tried (1 star off)
    – Minor gripe — the scoop was buried deep in the pits of powder hell. I tried to fish it out with a knife, spoon, and fork… no dice. I finally cursed, “[dang-diddly diddly do-dang],” brought out the jaws of life and buried my hand in. Despite using my hand, I still had to do some casual spear fishing for a few minutes until I finally got it out. (1 star off).

    Other thoughts:
    Despite the taste, this powder is one of the few out there that doesn’t give me the rumbley tumblies or the quacking ducks, so I can’t complain too much. My intestines are thankful for the lack of dairy ingredients, as well as the E.R. doctors being thankful for not having to inject muscle relaxants/fluids into me at THREE-IN-THE-MORNING(twice). While it doesn’t contain as much protein per scoop as other competitors, it offers a great choice for those who are like me and have severe food allergies, but still want their protein. A good product that has the potential to be great, but definitely needs a bit more work in the taste department. Otherwise, this will be my go-to protein for the time being.

    Overall: 5/7 stars.

  6. James Anderson (verified owner)

    I started with almond milk (lactose issues), then went to a 50/50 almond milk and water. I found it broke down quicker with the 50/50 blend. The flavor is great. I’ve tried a number of powders over the years and this one is the best. I’ve changed my diet, so ingredients are key. There are no artificial any things in this one. They use Stevia, which is a natural sweetener that is better for your body than anything else (other than Xylitol). If you are not used to Stevia, it may take a little to “come to the dark side”, but your body will appreciate it!

  7. Muscle Supplements Customer (verified owner)

    First I would like to say that I usually buy this at Costco but decided to buy it on Muscle Supplements since it’s like $8 dollars cheaper than going to Costco. However the one at Costco is 2.75 lbs and the one on Muscle Supplements is 2.03 lbs. So there’s that. I think that it is a better buy on Muscle Supplements since I don’t have to drive all the way to Costco and face the weekend madness lol. And it’s free two day shipping. Other than the great deal I get this is also my favorite protein powder I’ve had, ever. It’s tastes amazing for an organic powder, I love the chocolate flavor. It’s rich and creamy. I am also a nursing mom and drinking this helps replenish my body after a nursing session. I do sometimes get the grittiness but that’s only if I don’t blend it long enough. I love that it’s so easy to prepare, I just put the scoops into some milk, blend it on my magic bullet, and drink it like chocolate milk. It’s so good! I will definitely be buying this on Muscle Supplements from now on.

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