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Natrol – Memory Complex

Boost memory and enhance brain function with Memory Complex!
Memory Complex is a uniquely formulated with natural fundamental vitamins as well and cutting-edge nutrients such as Vinpocetine, Ginko Biloba, Phosphatidyl Serine and Huperzine that help to maximize cognitive function and memory.
Natrol Memory Complex features:
Vitamin B3 
Vitamin B6 
Vitamin B12 
Folic Acid 
Soy Lecithin 
Soy Phospholipid Complex 
Huperzine A – helps maintain overall mental capacity and provides additional neural support.
Vinpocetine – helps increase blood flow to the brain and offers some protection to brain cells (neurons) against injury.
Gingko Biloba Extract – promotes blood circulation in the brain and enhances memory.
Natrol Memory Complex is a uniquely formulated with nutrients that help maximize brain & memory function.



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