Lipo-6 Black Hers – 120 liquid caps


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Nutrex – Lipo-6 Black Hers

– Not for the undedicated.
– Use with caution due to extreme potency.
– Never exceed the recommended dosage.
– With fast-absorbing black liquid capsules for optimum results.

There are many female fat loss products all claiming to be extreme. Now with the category saturated with so called extreme formulas, Nutrex takes fat burning to another level. Beyond extreme, beyond maximum strength, way beyond any fat-burning experience you have ever had, we bring you Lipo–6 Black Hers.

Lipo-6 Black Hers is the meanest, strongest and most extreme female fat burner we have ever created. We put together an ultra potent blend of fat destroying compounds. No, that doesn’t mean watered down just because it was designed for women. This powerful supplement is operating in a territory no female fat burner has ever dared to go. Lipo-6 Black Hers is engineered to attack body fat with a killer instinct formulated to destroy it wherever the two meet.

Make no mistake about it Lipo–6 Black Hers is a dead serious fat burner. If you have reached a plateau with your current fat burner and are looking for something to truly rejuvenate your fat burning regimen, you are a great candidate for Lipo–6 Black Hers. Lipo–6 Black Hers is the one female fat burner that dares to go further. It packs the type of ingredients that are so incredibly effective at burning body fat that it is not for the weak-hearted or undedicated! If you are looking for a fat burner that works as hard as you do, Lipo–6 Black Hers will help you get the results you are seeking.

Supplement facts:
Serving Size: 3 Liquid Caps
Serving Per Container: 40

Amount Per Serving:
Iodine (Potassium Iodine) 75mcg 50%
Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) 100 IU 50%
Folic Acid (Folate) 100mcg 50%
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 1.25mcg 50%
Chromium (Chromium Picolinate) 20mcg 50%
Theobroma Cacao (seed) 208.5mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg
Camello Kitcha (as TeaCrine) 50mg
Citrus Aurantium (fruit) 40mg
Coleus Forskohlii (root)(containing forskholin) 25mg
Piper Nigrum (fruit)(containing Bioperine) 5mg
Lipo-6 Black Hers Other Ingredients:
Glycerin, water, hypromellose, titanium, colour: allura red, brilliant blue fcf, sunset yellow.

Lipo-6 Black Hers Recommended Use:
Take 3 capsules in the morning and three 30 minutes before training.



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Nutrex - Lipo-6 Black Hers - 120 liquid caps
Lipo-6 Black Hers – 120 liquid caps

Out of stock