Life Extension – Pregnenolone, 100mg – 100 caps


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  1. Cate Francis, Author (verified owner)

    Pregnonolene can be prescribed. Our doctor suggested this brand instead. Good quality and less expensive than the script.

  2. Deborah Vidos (verified owner)

    Great product

  3. Tyler Webb (verified owner)

    The advertised product lists only “rice flour, gelatin, and vegetable stearate” as ingredients. However, the product I received, in a blue bottle, contains “microcrystalline cellulose and silica”. Silica is a more harmful substance than the ones listed on the advertised bottle, so I am returning the product I received due to it being a different product than advertised.

  4. ToHisGlory (verified owner)

    I thought I reviewed this before but I will share again… When I stopped using it for awhile I noticed I was not as “right” hormonally again. I can’t remember specifically what stood out the most because this was awhile ago. I just remember being all over the place hormonally and one day after struggling for a couple weeks asking what’s wrong with me, I remembered that I stopped the pregnenolone. Got back on it right away because it seems to support my hormones. I do skip a day here and there because I read that this is a good idea but I’m convinced it makes a difference.

  5. Becky (verified owner)

    I have a butchered spine and after a year of taking these I feel they are helping repair trashed nerves.

  6. Julia White (verified owner)

    I had read that this product would help me with post menopausal brain fog, and the reviews were correct. Initially I wasn’t sure if it had an impact… until I ran out. Within 2 days of resuming daily dosage the fog lifted. Yesterday I told my doctor about this and she heartily agreed that it makes a difference for many people. It certainly did for me.

  7. J.Z.G. (verified owner)

    A substitute product is sent without warning. Fraud!

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