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CNP – Cognition

COGNITION is a fully-dosed and developed Nootropic, scientifically formulated to improve brain function and support the nervous system in both physical and mentally demanding situations, in the gym and in day to day life.

COGNITION uses a host of high-level elements that provide an instant mental boost as well as supporting long term brain health.

The formula includes clinically studied ingredients in the form of Astragin, Sustamine and Cognizin which synergistically work together to enhance your ability to process and react to information.  

COGNITION has been shown to provide strong positive benefits in the following areas;
Offsets feelings of tiredness and fatigue
Aiding in full-body hydration
Providing the relevant amino acids and micronutrients to support brain function
Enhancing not only memory but improving attention and feelings of wellbeing
Providing a 100% stimulant-free mental boost


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United Kingdom

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