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Holland & Barrett – CoEnzyme Q-10

CoEnzyme Q-10 does sound like it has been grown in a petri-dish by scientists, but it’s actually 100% natural – our bodies make it. You can find it in the mitochondria of each and every cell in the body and it does a very important job.

This vitamin-like substance ensures chemical reactions in your body run smoothly. The kidneys, lungs, liver, heart and skeletal muscles require a lot of energy to run and consequently contain the highest concentration of CoEnzyme Q-10.

One of CoEnzyme Q-10s most prominent roles is helping with the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is a molecule that helps to deliver energy to every cell in the body, from the cells in your heart to the cells in your digestive system – so it’s pretty important!

Now, if your body acted like it was 10 years old forever, we would probably never have to worry about CoEnzyme Q-10 levels. When we are younger the body doesn’t usually have any problem producing a consistent supply for us, but as we age this all changes, production slows down.

If you do want to improve levels of coenzyme q10 with diet, eat plenty of foods like broccoli, pistachios, sesame seeds, rapeseed oil, peanuts, eggs, trout, rainbow trout, chicken, herring and beef.

However, the easiest way to top up your CoEnzymeQ-10 levels is to take supplements like these high-strength 200mg capsules. Relying on these rapid-release soft gel capsules for at least part of your intake can make it nice and simple to track your levels. Simply take one capsule a day – preferably with a meal and see what it can do for you!

High-quality CoEnzyme Q10 200 mg
Rapid release soft gel capsules
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans




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