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Yamamoto Nutrition – Caesar

From the very long experience in contact with athletes of the caliber of Alessio Sakara, we know that energy, maintenance of rhythm and effective power, maintenance of focus and clarity and greater resistance to fatigue, are determining factors in the performance of athletes in combat sports, crossfitters. , triathletes, rugby players and many others. Efforts that often not only require high intensity, but frequent changes of pace and for prolonged times. The effectiveness of a “preworkout” supplement does not translate into a strong adrenalin rush, a feature erroneously frequent in many products on the market, which would excessively increase the heart rate with the risk of altering the state of anxiety, lucidity and reactivity, also favoring dehydration, where “second” timing can generate (or avoid) the knockout blow, strangulation, or best completion of the WOD. The “preworkout” supplement must have as its objective:

energy factor (not excessively adrenergic);
greater focus and clarity;
greater psychophysical response of the organism to stressors;
greater resistance to fatigue.

CAESAR is a supplement that responds to these needs, as a true ally in the athlete’s arsenal, in supporting mind and body to face the performance with greater energy and clarity for a longer time.

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