Boerhaavia Punarnava – 60 caps


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Himalaya – Boerhaavia Punarnava

PROMOTES HEALTHY URINARY TRACT – According to Ayurvedic medicine, Punarnava is a well-known herb for promoting health of the urinary tract and maintaining efficient kidney functions. With its diuretic action, Boerhaavia or Punarnava herb supports the body’s natural ability to remove fluids and prevent water retention.
ACTS AS A NATURAL DIURETIC AND REJUVENATOR – Unlike most diuretics which simply break down toxins, Punarnava helps flush out toxins and restore natural and balanced function to your urinary system.
ANTI-OXIDANT – Although primarily used to support the urinary tract, Himalaya Punarnava also offers a wide range of health benefits. The word punarnava translates into something that revives the body and brings the youth back. Punarnava is also a good antioxidant and a very good addition to your diet or lifestyle.
NATURAL AND SAFE TO USE – True to its promise, Himalaya’s Punarnava consists of herbs in its purest form. It does not exhibit any side effects as long as the recommended dose and use is not exceeded. These ayurvedic ingredients are never put through harsh extraction processes that damage the integrity or potency of the product.



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Himalaya - Boerhaavia Punarnava - 60 caps
Boerhaavia Punarnava – 60 caps

Out of stock