BetterYou – Magnesium Sleep Mineral Lotion – 180 ml.


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An essential part of any healthy bedtime routine, Magnesium Sleep Lotion combines magnesium chloride to help relax tired muscles with lavender and chamomile to quieten the mind.
The lotion has been clinically proven to relax tired muscles, slow sensory activity and quieten the mind, allowing for a deeper and more sustained sleep cycle.
92% of users benefited from using the lotion over a 5-week period – Independent clinical sleep trial, 2018.
When massaged onto the skin before bed, BetterYou Zechstein Magnesium commences absorption immediately and promotes a relaxing effect on the body.
Magnesium helps promote overall wellbeing and relaxation. Naturally supporting the normal functioning of muscles, calcium absorption and healthy functioning of the immune system.
Magnesium also helps improve rest and recovery by contributing to a reduction in tiredness and fatigue, electrolyte balance and supports normal energy-yielding metabolism.


  1. Alice (verified owner)

    I have struggled with Vit. D deficiency for several years. With it, I experience immune challenges and exacerbations of various autoimmune conditions, which present with primarily neurological symptoms including neuralgia and parasthesias. I also experience frequent brain fog and mental fatigue. Since I’ve begun this product (twice a day-10,000 IU-for 7 days, then once a day following), I’ve noticed some improvement in symptoms after the first 10 days. My brain fog is less and I feel overall, more resilient. I realize I need to take Vit. D3 in gel caps as part of my DAILY supplemental regimen because it’s a significant precursor for a number of important endocrine and immunological pathways. Apparently, I do not get enough sun and being postmenopausal makes it challenging, as well. Thank you for the opportunity to receive a free bottle and to share my experiences.

  2. MVTTC4393 (verified owner)

    I was feeling super sluggish lately and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. No amount of coffee could fix the gloom that would come over me every day. I spent hours researching what could be wrong and I came across vitamin D deficiency. I immediately ordered this product. After a few days, I started to feel my energy come back. The pills are small and I take one daily in the morning. I now have my husband drink them too and he’s felt a huge difference. I would buy this again.

  3. David B. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the value. I’m only giving them a one star rating because of deceptive advertising. Packaging on ad says Made In USA. Besides value, that was my other reason to purchase them. My box and bottle both say Bottled In USA. That’s a big difference in meaning. I can not find where these pills were manufactured, even when using the Transparency app. Why is the country of origin a big secret?

  4. Suzanne Lee (verified owner)

    After doing some research, my husband had suggested to me that Vitamin D3 might help with my thin, brittle hair and fingernails. I’ve been using this product since mid November, and I have seen an improvement in my hair and fingernails. Even my beautician commented about how healthy my “new” hair growing in is. My fingernails also seem to be getting harder and growing faster.

  5. IAMCHANDRADARLENE (verified owner)

    have been diagnosed with having major depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, panic attacks (anxiety), vitamin D deficiency, migraine headaches, suppressed immune system (oral thrush) etc., Weekly, I take a prescription for my vitamin D deficiency; however, after taking for over a year I still have a deficiency along with additional serious medical conditions.

    After taking for 15 days, my mood is lifting and increased energy.

  6. Allison Mack (verified owner)

    To start, I LOVE this product and will continue to take it- just not this most recent bottle. This is my fourth order of Naturewise D3 vitamins so I’m very familiar with the packaging by this point and I believe I was sent a fake product. The bottle on the right is the old bottle and the left is the new bottle. As you can see, there’s no “Bottled in USA”, “GMP”, 3rd party testing seal, or Transparency seal. As far as I know, Naturewise hasn’t abandoned these company practices and removed these seals. Also, when you look closely (maybe it doesn’t show in the pics) the text on the left bottle is different and the label is a matte finish while the right has a high gloss finish.

  7. Gadgetz (verified owner)

    I take this Vitamin D3 5,00 IU supplement daily, as per my doctor’s request (I have MS). I like that the size of the actual capsules is so small. Since I take numerous pills daily, it’s helpful to keep the size of each pill / capsule smaller. My Vitamin D3 levels are confirmed to be in a normal range, as a result of taking this daily.

  8. M.W. (verified owner)

    After reading in medical journals about how important D3 is to overall health I had my blood tested for vitamin D levels. It was low, as is typical for more than half the U.S. After taking this supplement for a couple months I am eager to see what my current levels are. But ***BEWARE*** this company offers free bottles for your review on Muscle Supplements. So the high number of reviews can be somewhat misleading. However, that obviously doesn’t mean that it is a bad product.

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