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BioTechUSA – Arthro Guard

– 17 active ingredients.
– Manganese contributes to the normal production of connective tissues.
– 40-day package size.
– Lactose and gluten-free.

When creating Arthro Guard:
We typically focused on active ingredients which nourish bones, connective tissues and the tissue types joints are made up of.
Bones and connective tissue:
We also added calcium to the product to contribute to maintaining normal bones. It also contains manganese, which contributes to maintaining normal bones as well as to the normal production of connective tissues.
Diverse care:
Besides its mineral content, Arthro Guard contains an optimum dose of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and collagen. Often also used for arthritic pain, these are compounds partly found in the human body and partly taken in with our food. We also added plant essences to the product. Asian ginseng, Indian frankincense, cranberry and alfalfa extracts, as well as bromelain enzyme extracted from pineapple, are also important elements of the complex composition. To all that we have also added curcuma and ginger extract, although not because of their taste. These herbs are traditionally used as anti-inflammatories in Asia.



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