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Yamamoto Nutrition – AminoDex

Yamamoto Nutrition AminoDex

Yamamoto Nutrition AminoDEX Cambridge Assured is a food supplement made with essential amino acids of vegetable origin from Cambridge Assured fermentation.

The characteristic of AminoDEX Cambridge Assured lies precisely in the derivation from plant ingredients that make this amino acid pool considered of “pharmaceutical purity”. 
They are not peptides, they are amino acids in free form that enter the blood stream and muscle much more quickly than any other protein source.
All this contributes to the net improvement in the use of nitrogen.

Furthermore in AminoDEX Cambridge Assured there is the dipeptide L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine (Cambridge Assured) which brings an additional added value to the product.
Involved in the exchange of nitrogen between tissues and in the production and storage of glucose, it also plays a very important role as a moisturizer of the muscle cell.

AminoDEX Cambridge Assured is the latest model of food supplement from Yamamoto Nutriton. AminoDEX is an innovative supplement with essential amino acids of plant origin obtained with the Cambridge Assured fermentation method.

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