Acidophilus Chewable, Strawberry (EAN 5017174057216) – 100 tablets


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Holland & Barrett – Acidophilus Chewable

Chewable Acidophilus Tablets: the easy way to get your healthy bacteria!

Holland & Barrett Chewable Acidophilus Tablets are a great alternative for those who have difficulty swallowing whole capsules or tablets. Each strawberry flavoured acidophilus tablet provides an additional source of the micro-organisms Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium BB-12, both of which are found naturally throughout the digestive system.

What is acidophilus?

Part of the lactobacillus family, acidophilus is a type of ‘friendly’ bacteria that helps ferment carbohydrates in the foods we eat, in particular lactose – the sugar found in milk. It lives in the mouth, gut and vagina.

What are acidophilus benefits?

These acidophilus tablets contain a combination of bacterial cultures and provide 1 billion active bacterial cultures per tablet. Sometimes, the natural balance of friendly bacteria in your body can be unsettled by medication or illness. Taking ‘good’ bacteria supplements like these acidophilus tablets can help your friendly bacteria levels re-balance.

Why choose these Holland & Barret Chewable Acidophilus Tablets?

If you don’t like to – or can’t – swallow tablets, these chewable tablets could be your solution! They have a lovely strawberry flavour and are handy for taking to work, on holiday, on the road, etc. unlike some other liquid-based friendly bacteria supplements.
Chewable tablets, ideal for those with difficulty swallowing whole capsules or tablets
1 billion active cultures
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

Gluten free



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