60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel – 24 x 45g


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Introducing the 60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel – 24 x 45g

Looking for a delicious and convenient way to boost your protein intake? Look no further than the‍ 60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel ⁤- 24 x 45g from Weider. Made in Germany, this protein bar is packed with high-quality ingredients to support your training and fitness goals.

Key Properties:

  • Contains 60% protein per bar
  • Each bar weighs 45g
  • Comes in a pack of 24 bars
  • Delicious salted peanut-caramel flavor
  • Convenient and easy to take on-the-go


The 60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel is made with a blend of high-quality ingredients, including:

  1. Whey ⁤protein isolate
  2. Milk protein isolate
  3. Collagen hydrolysate
  4. Roasted peanuts
  5. Caramel pieces
  6. Sea salt
  7. And more!


With 60%​ protein per bar, this ‌protein bar⁤ is a great way to support your muscle growth and recovery. The ⁣combination of whey and milk protein provides a ⁢complete ‌amino acid profile to fuel your muscles. The added collagen hydrolysate helps support joint health and mobility, making this bar a great ​choice for athletes and active individuals.

Not only is this protein bar packed with protein, but it also has a delicious salted peanut-caramel ‍flavor that will satisfy your sweet tooth ​without⁤ derailing your healthy eating ⁤habits. Plus, ‌with ‌its convenient size and packaging, you can easily take it with you to the gym, work, or wherever your busy day takes you.


The 60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel‌ – 24 x 45g is more than just a protein bar. It also offers these great features:

  • High ⁣protein content to support muscle growth and recovery
  • Contains collagen for joint health and​ mobility
  • Delicious flavor to satisfy cravings
  • Convenient​ size and packaging for on-the-go nutrition
  • Made with‍ high-quality ingredients
  • Produced in Germany for quality assurance

Take‌ Your Training to the Next Level with ‌Weider:

Weider has ⁤been a trusted brand in the fitness ‌industry for⁤ over 80 years, providing high-quality supplements and training ​equipment to help individuals reach their fitness goals.⁢ With the 60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel -⁣ 24 x 45g, you can fuel your body with the protein it needs to support your training and achieve​ your fitness aspirations.

Don’t settle for subpar protein bars. Choose the⁤ 60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel from Weider and experience the difference‍ in taste​ and ⁣quality. Order yours‍ today and take ⁣your training to the next level!

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Weider - 60% Protein Bar
60% Protein Bar, Salted Peanut-Caramel – 24 x 45g

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