Walden Farms

Since day one, Walden Farms has been on a mission to produce healthy speciality foods, aiding people in controlling their calories and macro-nutrients…without sacrificing the flavour, ”The Walden Way.”
Walden Farms is a Healthy Lifestyle Food business. They supply healthy and tasty choices to tons of people want to continue eating what they love, without having to worry about the contents! Walden Farms is a front-runner in the healthy foods industry, preserving the best possible standards whilst encouraging innovative lifestyles. Walden Farms was one of the first to deliver delicious, low-calorie and fat reduced Salad Dressings to the market, along with other products such as: coleslaw dressings, BBQ sauces, ketchup, seafood sauce, pancake syrup, fruit spreads, fruit syrups, peanut spread, chocolate peanut spread, cinnamon raisin peanut spread, pasta sauces, flavoured Mayos, chocolate dip, caramel dip, marshmallow dip, caramel syrup and many more. Walden Farms products are calorie free, fat free, gluten free and contain no carbs or sugars of any sort, which allows customers to add the delicious flavours they love to their recipes without the guilt! By switching to Walden farms, you’ll be saving on hundreds of calories each day, helping you to reach your health goals.

How do Walden Farms manage to make such delicious products with no calories? Rich and natural flavours are the source of the great flavours you’ll find in these products. In the top-quality organic cocoa beans, genuine maple and honey, golden caramel, pure vanilla, sweet fresh fruit extracts from blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples, apricots, oranges and grapes, and fresh roasted peanut. In the savoury items you will find; natural flavours including Chipotle peppers, toasted Asian sesame, Dijon mustard, California sun-ripened tomatoes, natural buttermilk, sour cream and Romano cheese, fresh herbs and spices, roasted garlic, minced onion, fine Balsamic vinegar and many more. Use Walden Farms to your heart’s extent, it’s calorie free!

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